Our more than 5,500 hectares of Dehesas Extremeñas exclusively breed Iberian trunk pigs and are located in traditional areas of holm oak forests in Olivenza, Badajoz and Sierra de San Pedro. All of them on an endless mosaic of grassland, which shows all the nuances of green in autumn and winter (coinciding with the final fattening of our Iberian pigs during the montanera and feeding on acorns and natural grasses), it appears multicolored in spring, its most important season. grateful or covered in ocher, yellow and brown in summer. Its most hostile station.

Why choose us? Excellence in our products ”
Because at Dehesa del Conde we take care of our products from the base. We are ranchers with a long and fruitful career. Our genetic selection has been awarded with innumerable prizes in the best fairs in the sector. (best batch of mothers, best breeding mother, best batch of offspring….).

To the best livestock raw material, we add more than 5500 hectares of Dehesa Extremeña where we raise our Iberian pigs, in total freedom, with a natural diet based on cereals and legumes that we ourselves cultivate to take care of every last detail.

During autumn-winter comes the great moment of the montanera where the Iberian pigs feed exclusively on acorns, pastures and other natural resources at their disposal.

In our search for “Excellence” we wanted to close the cycle. Starting from the best possible raw material, now it is up to our ham masters to give that artisan touch to Iberian hams, shoulders and sausages, with a slow maturation in our natural cellars that give them that unmistakable aroma and flavor. Flavor “DEHESA DEL CONDE”.

The “EXCELLENCE” of our products is based on the control and implementation of the entire process. The ownership of the farms, the selection of pigs and mainly the pastures, allow us to maintain the quality and homogeneity demanded by the best palates.

A delight for the senses.